Stepping Out for Spring

We always see a variety of solid muted colours amongst designers spring bag collections, but for 2014 there were a few designers that stepped out of the norm and displayed extravagant prints and patterns in bold colours. Chanel, Givenchy,  3.1 Phillip Lim and Lanvin just to name a few.


ChanelChanel veered away from the traditional No.5 structured bag and put a designer twist on an essential street -wear piece: the backpack. Girls are always trying to shove everything they own into their little clutches, but why do that when you can carry your entire life and more in this almost graffiti-like Chanel back pack. Thank you Karl for taking the outcast of bags and turning it into a necessity.



Givenchy took tribal inspiration and sewed it into a designer clutch. The mixture of photography and graphic art gives the clutch dimension. This is a double-take on the street type of bag.



Phillip Lim and Lanvin utilize chromatic green hues in their take on the clutch. The colours are fantastic but what catches the eye is the unique shape of each piece. Neither of them are traditional  shapes or sizes. Phillip Lim takes on a semi-hourglass shape and Lanvin’s could be mistaken as a very well packaged perfume.

Whatever your style, whatever your budget, there is a Spring 2014 bag out there calling your name.

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