Socks and Sandals- A HOT Look This Season


Runways always inspire us at Consign Toronto. They open up so many possibilities and get us thinking of what we want to live in for the months to come. Of course so many runway looks never work (be it a 9-5 uniform, budget, whatever the schtick, there are issues). However, one look that we think every lady should embrace and take right off the runway is the socks and heels, socks and sandals trend. Big Names Saint Laurent, Chanel and Prada all showcased amazing options that we are eating up. Of course if you don’t have the $1000+ just lying around to get the runway pieces then make it yourself. It’s super easy!! Grab those dull old black heels (any heel works from Kitten to nose bleed high) and throw a sock on. You can also get into the retro vibe by snagging a cheapo pair of vintage heels at a nearby thrift shop or bargain basement shop. With the slightly rounded toes and kitten heels being such a strong look right now the vintage heels will totally work. Our favourite look comes straight from Saint Laurent where they showed super cute and easy to wear kitten heels with metallic lurex thread socks (Hence why we are pushing that whole vintage vibe). We also went nuts for the Prada Leg Warmer with Teva Sandals look. ALSO a brilliant thing.

Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 2.55.13 PM

Looking for socks we always trust Happy Socks, H&M, or any major department store. At $10-$20 a pair, grab a few and change it up without busting the bank. It’s an instant spring update you are going to love. Another huge plus is no nicks or pain staking breaking in of new shoes, extra padding when the heels are crazy highland not so cozy and also if you get stuck out on a chilly night out you are covered. Your feet will love you ladies.


Be sure to send us your pics on Instagram with the hashtag #consigntoronto we would love to see your creations.


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